Teams use Outpost because
it's simple and it works.

Keep your emails organized. Foster better teamwork. And avoid the headaches of managing a shared inbox.

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Work better together
with assignments

Assign new emails to specific people on your team. That way, everyone knows which messages they're responsible for and nothing slips through the cracks.

Internal notes

Internal Notes

Stay organized
with internal notes

No more sending emails about emails. Loop in your teammates, exchange notes behind the scenes, and then decide together on how best to respond—without exchanging a flurry of FWDs and CCs.

Collision alerts

Collision Alerts

See who's doing
what in real time

With Outpost, you can even see who is working on an email right now. This prevents two people from replying to the same message.

Team email history

Team Email History

Know that every message
got the right response

Never again ask, “Is anyone on this?” Outpost's history feature shows you every response to every email—no matter who sent it. You'll also see which emails have been assigned to team members and which messages need a response.

Centralized inbox

Centralized Inbox

Manage all of your
email in one spot

Outpost is like mission control for all your incoming email. It lets you see every message from every shared inbox—without logging into multiple accounts or toggling between screens. You also control which team members can access certain inboxes.



Respond in seconds
with saved replies

Reply to common questions faster by building a library of template responses. This also ensures that your business is sending out accurate and consistent information in every message.

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