Simplify your email
and get more done.

Free up hours of extra time each week with
a shared inbox designed for busy teams.

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How Outpost turns email chaos into clarity



Organize your inbox
and prevent “lost” messages

Assign new messages to specific people on your team, so every email is accounted for and there's no question about who's responsible for the reply.

All-in-one inbox

All-In-One Inbox

See the big picture
with less effort

Outpost lets your team see every message from every shared inbox—all in a single dashboard. No more logging into multiple accounts or toggling between screens.

Email history

Email History

your shared inbox

Communication shouldn't grind to a halt because someone is away. With Outpost, you can pick up an email thread where a coworker left off by accessing a shared email history.

Every Outpost feature is designed for small, busy teams


Delegate emails to ensure the right person delivers the right response.


Saved template responses help your team answer common questions twice as fast.

Collision alerts

See in real-time when a team member is already responding to an email.

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