The inbox that helps small
teams close more deals.

Organize all your inbound sales emails
without a complicated CRM.

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Straightforward features for building strong relationships



Keep everyone on
the same page

Assign email leads or pre-sales questions to specific teammates, so everyone knows what they're responsible for.

Internal notes

Internal Notes

Ensure every email is
accurate and on-point

Get input on a proposal or double-check facts by sharing draft emails with your team. Discuss the message behind the scenes before hitting send.



Handle pre-sales
questions in seconds

Create a library of saved template responses, so your team can answer common questions with a few clicks. It's an easy way to save time while keeping everyone on-message.

Other Outpost tools that keep deals moving

All-in-one inbox

Stay organized by accessing every shared email account in a single inbox.

Collision alerts

See in real–time when a team member is already responding to an email.

Email history

Get up to speed quickly on any email conversation in any shared inbox.

See how a simplified shared inbox
helps every aspect of your business

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